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2021 YoungEd Africa Fellowship Programme Launch

by Austin Nwokediuko, Apr 8, 2021

On behalf of YoungEd Africa, I am excited to announce the launch of the YoungEd Africa Fellowship Programme, starting with the 2021 cohort of YoungEd Africa Fellows.


Through this yearly Fellowship Programme, YoungEd Africa will invest in the academic and professional development of young African towards becoming empowered educators that will shape the future of education delivery across Africa.


The programme is aimed at two groups of young Africans: (1) students (YoungEd Scholars) who are currently studying or interested in studying education related courses at undergraduate or post graduate levels; (2) professionals (YoungEd Professionals) who currently work or are interested in working in any field within the education sector.


As part of the Fellowship Award, YoungEd Scholars will get 100% tuition scholarships towards achieving their academic qualifications. Also, through our partnership with Coursera, YoungEd Professionals will get FREE access to over 200 specially curated online courses, aimed at broadening their knowledge and sharpening their skillsets as education professionals. Participation in courses on other MOOC platforms will also be supported on request by the fellows, as long as they fall within defined budgets for the 9-months fellowship period, (typically Q2 - Q4) each year.


In addition, all fellows also receive (5GB) FREE internet data per month to facilitate access to online resources during the fellowship period, thus helping lower the internet cost barriers to academic and professional development.

Post COVID, we also expect to support in-person participation in seminars, workshops, conferences and short courses.


Meet the 2021 YoungEd Africa Fellows

Starting with educators in Nigeria, we are launching the 2021 YoungEd Africa Fellowships with a pilot cohort of 6 Fellows (out of 1200 applicants). The list of the 2021 YoungEd Africa Fellows can be found here.


These fellows have been selected based on a number of criteria including clarity of vision towards improving the education sector and the specific research/learning areas they will be embarking on that will empower them to effect changes in their respective fields.

This is indeed a significant step forward on our mission of preparing Africa for the future by empowering young Africans towards building successful careers in Education. We know that the journey is only getting started and we look forward to the many learnings, that will position us to equip many more educators for the future.

We are indeed excited about our partnerships with Coursera and Mobile Network Operators which will enable our continued investments in educators using internet technologies. And most importantly, I am personally very thankful for the YoungEd Africa Team for their continued dedication to the mission of investing in the future of Africa.



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