Professional Development

Objective: Up-skill educators with relevant knowledge and skills for improved education delivery and preparedness for the future.

Through our annual YoungEd Africa Fellowships, we provide scholarships and capacity building sponsorships towards professional development within various Education sector career tracks.


YoungEd Scholar Fellowship

This programme is targeted at Africans between the ages of 16-30, who are studying or interested in studying education related courses at undergraduate or post graduate levels.


Financial and mentorship support is provided to facilitate their study or research towards attaining a qualification in any field of education.

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YoungEd Professional Fellowship

This programme is targeted at Africans between the ages of 20-40, who work in the education sector and are interested in developing a successful profession in a specific field of education.

The programme aims to foster capacity building, continuous learning and professional development by providing sponsorship to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and short courses.


How it Works

01. Application & Selection

  • Candidate applies for a programme.

  • YoungEd Africa Team reviews candidate applications.

  • Successful candidates are selected for the next cohort.

  • Selection letters are sent to selected applicants.

02. Verification & Award

  • Selected candidates provide verification documents to facilitate processing their Awards.

  • YoungEd Africa Team conducts final verification of selected candidates.

  • Award letters are sent to selected candidates who have been successfully verified.

03. Check-ins & Progress Reporting

  • YoungEd Awardees proceed on their academic, professional or research journeys.

  • YoungEd Africa Team hold check-in sessions with  Awardees to get high level feedback on their progress and determine continued support structure

  • YoungEd Awardees submit quarterly reports to highlight sustained progress towards their goals.

04. Scale Your YoungEd Impact

  • YoungEd Awardees become YoungEd Ambassadors who:

    • Leverage knowledge and skills gained in tackling specific issues in their respective fields of education.

    • Maintain a continuous learning and improvement approach towards being an excellent educator.

    • Give back via information sharing and mentoring upcoming Young Educators.