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Our Mission


Preparing Africa for the future by empowering Young African Education Professionals.

The YoungEd Challenge

The gaps in the supply of skills needed to meet the demands of educating Africa's next generation poses a challenge that must be addressed in order to re-position the continent for the future.


Of African's are under 25 years old, with a median age of 19; representing over 500 Million young people in need of quality education.


Education jobs are required in Sub-Saharan Africa to meet SDG4 2030 goals, with much more needed as the population grows.

YoungEd Loss Graphic.png

Yet, Sub-Saharan Africa has the most severe shortage of teachers and an aging education sector workforce with high attrition rates.


Our Commitments

For us, the call to action to strengthen professional development in the Education sector is so clear.  And YoungEd Africa exists to help solve "The YoungEd Challenge"  through commitments in 2 broad areas.


We invest in the professional growth of African educators through learning and development, financing, technology and community building initiatives, that equip them with resources to thrive in their careers.


We foster public-private partnerships that leverage the collective strength of stakeholders, towards developing sustainable frameworks for quality education delivery.

Strategic Goals

Through these areas of commitments, we pursue two main strategic goals that guide our programmes and initiatives.

Raise interests of more Young Africans in developing careers in Education.

Reduce barriers to professional development in the fields of education.



YoungEd Africa programmes are structured to support education professionals in 3 key thematic areas

Professional Development

Through our Professional Development programmes we invest in up-skilling aspiring and current education professionals with relevant qualifications, knowledge and skills that equip them for the future of education and work.

Internet & Data For Education

Our goals in this area include:
(1) enabling affordable access to global resources and communities
(2) improving the quality and quantity of data on education professionals to inform programme and policy decisions.

Media & Advocacy

As critical levers for advancing any cause, we deploy the tools of media and advocacy to bring focus to the developments, challenges and opportunities within Africa’s education sector, towards informing dialogues on preparing Africa for the future

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