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Internet & Data


Objectives: Advance capacity for research through increased access to online resources; and improve programme and policy decision making through data.

Through Internet and Data for Education Initiatives, YoungEd Africa seeks to alleviate issues around internet access costs as well as gaps in demographic data to support education sector research, programmes and policies . 


Internet for Education Initiative

In view of high internet usage costs in Africa, this programme aims to lower internet affordability barriers and expand access to online resources, for students/researchers who are invested in advancing the education sector through focused research and project efforts.

Application Criteria: Must be an African student or researcher, residing in Africa; Must have an ongoing project/research within African tertiary institution or research institute.

Applications open January 24 each year to commemorate the International Day for Education.


Data for Education Initiative

This initiative is focused on addressing the demographic data availability gaps on education professionals in Africa to better inform regional/global programme and policy decisions towards advancing the education sector.


Through our partnership with other public and private actors, we are working on developing and implementing a scalable mobile-first data collection framework, aimed at improving the quantity and quality of data on education sector professionals.

Target Launch Date: Dec 2021

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